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Urban People Social Network

Photography by Joaquim Mussassa Photography by Joaquim Mussassa

Urban People (http://urbanpeople.eu.pn/ ) is a social network similar to Facebook.  In this social network web site you can join, stay in touch with your friends, and invite people to become your friends.

Having a social network is a way of joining people together and give competitive advantage to your company, and make some money. By creating a your social network will be equipped with a dashboard, wall configuration, advertising tools, user management, and much more.


On your dashboard you will be able to see the number of users your social network has, how many users are online, among other things.


You can also configure your users wall according to your needs. You can configure the users wall to see posts of their friends only, making the social network a private one where users only see posts from their friends. You can also configure your walls so that users can see posts from everyone.


Since social networks are very popular this days you will have an opportunity to make money with advertisement. If the web site is popular, you will be able to have a section where other companies can advertise. You have a very easy advertising tool that allows you to put ads on the right hand side allowing you to make some revenue out of your social network. 


You can easily manage your users with the user manager tool. This tool allows you to see the detail of your users such as e-mail and user name. You can also see when were your users last log in, to know if your users are using the social network. You can also delete users that abuse your terms policy.


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